It's yes! Now to find the perfect wedding band.

You love the guy don’t you?

We love your guy too - enough to put all our experience and attention into making that special one-off wedding band, and this is how we do it.

First, we set up a meeting to discuss design, materials and size the fingers - yours and his. Hey, you’re both getting married right? If we can't meet, we chat online, easy! 

Silver being smelted in crucible with torch, flames and ingot visibleSilver ingot just after casting from the crucible, ready to quenchsilver ring being soldered with flame and solder clearly seentwo silver hammer textured wedding bands, one polished and the other oxidized

Next, back in the workshop we get busy smelting metal grain - in this example silver, pouring the molten metal and forming plate. We cut and file plate to size and bend it around a mandrel to the ring size required. Once we're happy with the size, the wedding band is soldered closed.

Then, the fun part! 
Using a hammer we texture the surface of the band and check fit again, just to be sure. 

Finally, the ring is finished inside and out with sand papers and polish.
Our client wanted a light oxidized surface treatment on this silver, hammer textured wedding band, but the ring could just as well have been highly polished. Your wishes are always our guide. 

two wide platinum bands set with blue sapphires all around edgeswide yellow gold wedding band encircled with slim silver band set at diagonalwhite gold floral inspired band set with diamonds

Some examples of wedding bands we’ve manufactured:

  • platinum and sapphire wedding bands
  • a wide yellow gold wedding band with slim silver band set diagonally 
  • a white gold floral inspired band set with diamonds

What would your ideal wedding band look like? 






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