• Are all your products displayed online in-store?

  • We keep most of our collections online and on our Instagram page @nomad_contemporary_jewellery. 

    What do I do if I don't know my ring size? 
    We can measure your ring size when you visit. If you are not nearby, visit your local jeweller and ask them measure your ring size for you. 

    What if I need my ring re-sized to fit me?
    We can resize any ring purchased from us. Get in touch with us to discuss. If you are not nearby, our rings can be re-sized by your local jeweller.

    Do you do custom designs?
    Definitely, we love custom work. Get in touch at info@nomadjewelleryandaccessories.com to make an appointment.

    Do you do engraving?
    We work closely with an engraver, you may select either hand engraving or lazer engraving.

    Can I return my order?
    We do not take back custom orders.
    We do, however, take back an item bought from one of our collections. The item must be returned within 3 weeks of purchase and be in the same condition it was when purchased and please also bring the proof of purchase.

    Do you do repairs? 
    We do repairs of pieces purchased from us. We will consider repairing other items provided they are manufactured using silver or gold. We do not repair costume jewellery.

    How do I care for my jewellery?
    Jewellery needs to be treated carefully, we do not recommend wearing your jewellery to the beach, to clean or while bathing.
    It is normal for silver jewellery to tarnish when not worn often. Wearing silver often keeps the metal shiny. Store your jewellery in a box when its not worn, remove tarnish using a polish cloth.
    To clean gemstones and settings from time to time, to do this soak them in a bowl of hot water with some dishwashing liquid and brush them with an old toothbrush.

    Will you clean my jewellery for me?
    We are happy to service, clean and polish any jewellery purchased from us.